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Our Story

As parents of five young children our first and foremost aim wat to always put a smile on their faces, which is how we came up with the idea of opening the Toyland Shop in our home city Jeddah.

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We wanted to create a venue that would
not only showcase the largest selection of
toys in one store but would also serve as a
fun and safe family outing.

Little did we know that we were laying the
foundations for what would later
become the “Landmark of Fun” across
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Unlike typical businesses, we do not
measure our success in sales or
profitability, but rather in customer
loyalty and satisfaction.

It is that same philosophy that allows us today, to cater for the third generation of family shoppers whose grandparents walked into our stores over thirty years ago.

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As your CEO sums it “At Toyland, we not
only work diligently to provide our
customers with the largest selection of
toys at the best prices, bringing joy to a
variety of households, we also

consistently strive to be innovative and
passionately build and maintain loyalty
with our customers.”

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